view from another planet

  • hello!

    first of all sorry for my very bad english ;)

    I've compiled stellarium 0.6.2 on my debian system, wouah, it's very nice, thank you for your very good job, even my system is very low (celeron 466MHz, RAM 128Mo, video card ATI rage mobility 4Mo, screen 800x600)

    what do you think about the possibility to see the stars and planets from another planet ground, like mars as one of the first human on it. it supposes that the movement observer is based on the movement of this planet off course. the ground could be an 'in construction' martian base.

    and let's dream about being on an asteroid ground, with mining devices around you, looking at your old blue planet. or better: on a extrasolar system planet.

    hum, i'm not such a good programmer to do that.

    merci Fabien,
    thank you Rob and Johan

    Seb (
    Paris, France

    • Andûr

      The closest thing is . You can observe the universe from pretty much anywhere.

      I'd like to see Stellarium's great atmosphere effects included in Celestia, and a windowed interface on Stellarium, so maybe both projects could cooperate a little :-)

    • This would be a great idea, especially as a teaching resource. Being able to watch an eclipse pass across the Earth from the point of view of the moon would be fantastic.

      How about the ability to hover above the Earth as well (ie change one's height)? This would allow seasons and Day/night to be explained.



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