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Size of the brighter stars

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is it possible to decrease a bit the size of the brighter stars to make the sky even more realistic ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes, in the Stellarium/config directory, open up the file 'config.ini', and under the [stars] section, adjust the value 'star_scale ' to your liking.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Not only that but I have created my own custom star shape with four or five spikes that looks even more realistic than the round one that comes with the package.

      The star shape is the file star16x16.png in the ..\textures subfolder. Open it with a picture editing program like PaintShop or Photoshop and work on it pixel by pixel or smudge tool or whatever else works to change it to a nice spikey star. You might even create a new shape from scratch. Back up the original and save your new star with above file name.




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