Anonymous - 2013-12-14

First I want to give kudos to the Stellarium developers. This is a great program!
I use Stellarium often and set up many Locations for the various sites that I observe at.
The default locations that come with Stellarium are nice but I prefer to hide them and just see only the locations that I have created.
I'm sure the following procedure is not supported.. so use at your own risk.. but it worked well for me with 12.4 and earlier versions.

The default locations are stored in an archive file named base_locations.bin.gz.

  1. Close Stellarium.
  2. Copy the C:\Program Files\Stellarium\data\base_locations.bin.gz file and paste it onto your desktop.
  3. Rename the original C:\Program Files\Stellarium\data\base_locations.bin.gz file to base_locations.bin.ORG
  4. Open the base_locations.bin.gz that you placed on your desktop with a zip program. I used "7-Zip" (free download). Keep this window open.
  5. Drag the base_locations.bin file out of the archive to your desktop and open with Notepad.
  6. In Notepad, delete all the contents of the base_locations.bin file and save.
  7. Drag the empty base_locations.bin file back into the archive. The archive should now show that the base_locations.bin file is a zero byte file.
  8. Close the archive and move it back to the C:\Program Files\Stellarium\data\ folder.
  9. Open Stellarium and the only locations you should see are the ones you created manually.

Note that we kept (renamed) the original base_locations.bin.gz file so you can always delete or rename your modified version and rename the original back to base_locations.bin.gz to see the default locations again.