Some practical and not so practical features

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Stellarium is really great but it still has many rooms to be perfect IMHO. Directly controllable limiting magnitude, more deepsky objects (contours only, images are by no mean necessary), those of these are the things many users dream of.

    Well besides these practical features something can be add to the planetarium. Adding background music or sounds might be technically possible and the result would be excellent.

    Adding halo is the second thing I want. I think many users are interested to it. Other optical phenomena can also be added if possible.

    The last thing I want is another choice of constellation. Besides western style I think users from all over the world might have interest to tyste the Eastern style. I find these cool Arabian drawings of different constellations for someone’s reference.




    Sagittarius (this one is especially cool!)

    All images above are originally from this page:

    Neither am I a programmer or volunteer promoting stargazing; I am just one of the thousands users around the world. What I can do is to give as much opinion as possible so that the program will become perfect.

    More features, more funs, more people hooked on this hobby. :-P

    Please don't mind if I have asked too much.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi digitalises,
      Once again I made a careless mistake. What I mean is that users can have more choices of constellation arts in the future.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Oops...should be "more people hook on this hobby" English is really poor! >_<


    • Rob Spearman

      Rob Spearman - 2006-01-15

      There are a number on non-western constellation line drawings already built in. Hit 'm' and use the arrow keys to navigate to section 3.1.

      Polynesian, Chinese, ancient Egyptian

      You can also type in dates directly in the time section.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      In regard to display pictures I have had great success adding southern sky pictures of processed 1 degree areas including NGC's 5139,5128,104,2070 and 3372. Using positioning of principle stars from the Real Sky program the process of accurate overlaying the pictures is tedious but the results are phenomenal.

      Barry Gerdes

      Beaumont Hills Observatory
      Sirius 2.3 metre fibre glass Dome
      S 33' 41' 43.69" E 150' 56' 32.56"
      LX200GPS 12" F10 Permanent Polar mounted
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