Sun position bug between 2013-10-26 and 2013-10-27 @ ~4pm

  • Anonymous - 2013-09-05


    I think I found a somewhat serious issue, hopefully this is the place to report bugs.

    I was cycling the days to see how the sun position changed and it goes smoothly from now until October 26th 2013, when changing to October 27th, the Sun's position (actually the whole sky changes) abruptly changes.
    You can see this with latest Stellarium 0.12.2, setting the position to Madrid, then set the date/time to 2013-10-26/15h30, you will see the Sun around 206deg 46' / 32deg 54'.
    Now change to the next day (2013-10-27/15h30) and the Sun will be around 221deg 44' / 26deg 08'.

    I continued cycling and the same happens between 2014-3-29 and 2014-3-30 and then between 2014-10-25 and 2014-10-26. It looks like it has changed by one day.

    By the way, sometimes the drawing of the sun (the white circle) will flash when changing from 2014-9-16 to 2014-9-17 around 12h30. Not sure if that is related though.

    I hope this helps,


  • qam1

    qam1 - 2013-09-06

    It's jumping due to Daylight savings time

  • Anonymous - 2013-09-06

    Thanks!, I'm happy it is just a misunderstanding. Is there a way to prevent that from happening?
    Otherwise, a warning when that happens would be very welcome (ie: saying "due to daylight saving time, there will be a discontinuity, do you want to proceed and experience the discontinuity or do you want to account for it and adjust the time to avoid the discontinuity?")



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