First, let me congratulate you and your development team for Stellarium. It is a very interesting product for both novice and advanced amateur astronomers.
In using Stellarium v0.13 under Windows 7, I have noted some possible improvements.
Here is my list :
- most DSO including small galaxies are represented as drawed ellipses or circles instead of their real telescopic aspect as fuzzy blops or ellipses. It is really a pity.
- many well-known bright or dark nebula (like NGC7000) are not available as picture
- some pictures are outdated or not in high resolution
- atlas should be included as catalog to browse (all list of Messier, NGC, IC per number)
- the aspect of saturn ring in a small telescope or at low power is not correct (too small, almost invisible) while it is in reality
- the moon surface is not displayed in high resolution at the eyepiece and remain fuzzy. Why not using the Clementine HD images ?
- the magnitude of satellites is not available
- meteors trails remain on screen and are not evanescent and are not erased (say max after 1 minute)
- the star aspect and scintillation look too artificial and not slow enough even set to 0.2 or 0.3
- You should allow users to display functions or button as objects on screen (possibility to display them as moving objects or aligned on top, at right, etc)
Hope this helps,
Kind regards,