Show the Ecliptic

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Why not show the ecliptic aswell as constellations etc?

    Great software keep up the good work!

    • Silveradogold

      Silveradogold - 2005-03-03

      Hi Folks,
      You can toggle the Ecliptic by pushing the "4" key or the "," comma key;
      You can toggle the Constellation Figures by pushing the "C" key;

      Try this list of active keys:

      Stellarium Hot Keys
      listed as they were found

      1 toggle configuration window
      4 toggle ecliptic (also , )
      5 toggle equator (also . )
      8 now (current time)
      - 1 day back
      + 1 day forward
      Q toggle cardinal directions
      E toggle equatorial grid numbers
      R render constellations art
      I info
      P toggle planet names and then orbits
      [ back 7 days
      forward 7 days
      A toggle atmosphere shading
      S toggle stars
      D toggle star names
      F toggle haze or fog
      G toggle ground/landscape
      H toggle help window
      J animate reverse time (several key presses to speed up, L to slow down or K to run normal time)
      K animate normal time running
      L animate forward time (several key presses to speed up, J to slow down or K to run normal time)
      Z toggle altitude/azimuth grid numbers
      C constellation figures (lines)
      V constellation names
      N nebulae or nebula names
      / zoom marked object
      \ return to initial start view
      <Space> centre marked object
      <Arrow keys> navigate around sky
      <Pg Up> zoom in
      <Pg Down> zoom out

      This table has been posted in another earlier post;
      Clear Skies --- Silveradogold



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