Robert Neville - 2005-04-28

I have looked at everything else out there, including commercial products like Starry Night and I still say this one beats them all!

I'd like to use this more as a) a learning tool on finding objects in the night sky with various equipment (i.e. naked eye, binoculars of various sizes and telescopes) and b) a "simulation" of the same when it's a cloudy night and I can't go outside and see the real thing.

The base product is nearly 100% there....just a few things I'd like to see that'd make it PERFECT (well at least for me):

  • Allow simulation of'd be really cool if you could even simulate the local sources of that pollution by indicating the bearings, distance and brightness of various sources of light-pollution
  • Allow "switching" between different types of equipment. This would simulate FOV, magnitude, movement and different "eyepieces" that determine magnification. Examples might be naked eye, binoculars (maybe you set the mag and aperature) on various mounts, scopes of different types and configurations married with different "eyepieces"
  • Add a hook to "clear sky clocks" to allow real-time simulations of actual sky conditions at the observing site (i.e. darkness, seeing, cloud cover, etc.) but allow you to tweak it as needed.

Just some ideas, but in general an AWESOME project!