"Empty" landscape

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is it possible to get an "empty" landscape : the horizon line, flat, without trees, snow... as the one we have at open sea ?
    Note : the "Sea" landscape available in earlier versions (it does not work on my last 7.1 update) have some "islands" useless for my purpose.
    Thank you.

    • Johan Meuris

      Johan Meuris - 2005-09-25

      Here is a quick concoction of what you're looking for:

      Drop these images in the /textures/landscapes/ directory

      And add this text section to the /data/landscapes.ini file.

      Could be better, but that's it for now.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Nice, but it's a pity there's no sun/moon-walk (reflection) on the see. Not too realistic without it. :-(

    • Cyrus Camp

      Cyrus Camp - 2005-09-23

      It would be nice to have an actual sea texture, minus the islands

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      ... or even a simple line showing the observer's horizon...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thank you Johan, it works very good !
      If, later, you can draw a simple line showing the horizon, it will be perfect !

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I think you can add this landscape to the next version...


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