minimum hardware requirements for 0.8.0

  • johannes

    johannes - 2006-05-02

    I have just installed stellarium 0.8.0 on an old notebook: 1GHz P3, 256MB Ram, Sis650 graphic which has no own memory, but uses main memory instead. I have configured 64MB graphic memory, so that 192MB main memory remain. I had to remove the constellation-art directory. Maybe 32MB graphic memory would be enough when I remove more textures, I have not tried.

    I get 10-60 fps, depending on the current settings.

    I write this because I heard that some people think they must upgrade their computer in order to run stellarium.


    • barrykgerdes

      barrykgerdes - 2006-05-07

      I have been trying out some installations on various computers. There has also been some odd bugs which are system related. The most basic computer I used was a 400 Mhz AMD K6 with a trident 9880 AGP card, 128 Mb memory and Windows 98-2e

      The program loaded but took about 5 minutes to do so. The display ran at speeds of .01 to .05 fps
      every thing I tried worked except the menu buttons mouse key position was a full memory button above the menu bar.

      I next increased the memory size to 256 Mb and fitted a Nvidia Gforce2 AGP with direct X 9.0

      The program loaded in about 25 seconds (about the same as my fastest computer). It ran perfectly at between 4 and 15 fps (depending on display zoom).

      I mentioned before that my main computer using a SiS 661 inbuilt video display will not display contellation boundaries. I tried a second computer with a different card but still a SiS 661 video system. It also refused to show the constellation boundaries. All my other computers display the constellation boundaries OK.



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