Insert Image at a Point with Altitude/Azimuth

  • Christopher Fasano

    Okay--LoadSkyImage allows me to put an image at a particular RA/DEC point, but
    of course the image then tracks with the sky. Under the the old
    stratoscripting, I could place an image at a fixed Altitude/Azimuth and it
    would just stay there with the sky moving behind it. Is there a way to do this
    easily in the "new" scripting language (of course I could move the image in
    the sky so that it appears to be still, but that seems pretty ugly and
    clunky). It seems like it ought to be something like "LoadLandscapeImage"
    rather than LoadSkyImage, but I can't see anything like this or a way to do

    Thanks for any help.

  • Kajaji

    Kajaji - 2012-06-08


    ScreenImageMgr.createScreenImage("logo", "yourimage.png", 50, 150, 1.0, false, 1.0, 1.0);
    ScreenImageMgr.showImage("logo", true);
  • Christopher Fasano

    Thanks for your suggestion. This works but it doesn't really do what I'm
    after. I want to imagine that there is an obstruction--like a tree or a
    billboard at a particular place (due east at a height for example). I want to
    place an image there to see how the sky is blocked. I know the altitude and
    position of the blockage for a a particular observer. ScreenImageMgr places an
    image that is at a particular place on the screen, not at a particular place
    in the sky (or better said, landscape). No matter which way I'm facing the
    image is always in the same spot on the screen. Other thoughts?

  • Sibi

    Sibi - 2012-07-13

    cfasano : Bit late to answer, yet this might help someone.
    A new sky image api has been added to stellarium (loadSkyImageAltAz) that
    should do what you want to do here. The image is drawn using an azimuthal
    frame, and is not tracked with the sky movement.
    More information here :



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