Axial Precession

  • Michael Bylebyl

    Michael Bylebyl - 2013-02-15

    I am doing research on the perception of Axial Precession in prehistoric times and have found an apparent discrepancy in Stellarium's presentation of the precession. Using sunrise on the Spring Equinox as measure, it appears that Stellarium moves through the 12 zodiacal constellations on the ecliptic in approximately 44,000 years as opposed to the 26,000 years which other sources suggest. Is there a way to correct for this or am I incorrect in my supposition about the length of time?

  • Anonymous - 2014-05-01

    I'm asking the same question.

  • Kird

    Kird - 2014-05-02

    The algorithms used for calculating precession are not accurate over periods of thousands of years. Stellarium is rather accurate. In march of the year -23758 the spring equinox (where equator and ecliptic cross) is in the constellation of Pisces, as it is now.

    The calculation of the positions of the Sun and planets isn't accurate over thousands of years either. The Sun is not at the right location.

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