How accurate is Stellarium?

  • Pat

    Pat - 2010-02-13

    How accurate is Stellarium.
    Is it accurate enough to go back to Christ's birth day and see how the
    constellations and planets fell on that day.
    Incidentally what day was Jusus' birthday?
    Also on the said day of his crucifixion there was an eclipse, so this should
    show in the year 33AD, March 21st but it doesn't, trust me i've looked, seems
    a very uneventful day.

    So what's wrong, the Stellarium's accuracy?
    The Bible is innacurate?
    Dionysius Exiguus was 4 years out?
    Or date and time is all wrong intentionally to hide the secret occult meanings
    that govern time itself?

    • Anonymous - 2013-07-27

      I don't think its march 21st. If you look at the blood moon rapture website it said that is around April 3.

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      Anonymous - 2015-08-10

      Its April 4 33 AD dude. and be sure to look down "from the heavens: onto earth....Looks from he moons perspecive.

  • Matthew Gates

    Matthew Gates - 2010-02-13

    there is an appendix in the user guide called "precision" which you should

  • Carlos Fernández

    Probably Stellarium is more precise that the judgement of believing that 33AD
    March21st was the true date of Jesus death. Stellarium is based on a lot of
    independent astronomical observations, made along several millenia, that allow
    predictions of astronomic events with error less than a second. Astrometry is
    known by its extremely precision (opposed to astrology).

    I don´t know how accurate is Stellarium, but science is not based in pretended
    facts written in sacred books that are impossible to verificate objectively.
    Religion issues can be true or not, but you can not verificate them.
    Scientific hypothesis can be true or not, but you have the means to validate
    or discard them. Astrometry have been validated along the centuries because of
    their success in predicting the phenomena you can see in nature.

  • Silvano

    Silvano - 2010-02-23

    More detailed maps ever compiled about solar eclipses:

    The earlier date of a sun eclipse over Jerusalem is november 24 of the year 29
    (at 3 PM !!).
    This is according of the Dionysius mistake.
    Try this date on Stellarium.

  • Topographic

    Topographic - 2010-03-15

    The term "eclipse" as used in the bible is problematic. The Crucifixion
    happened over Passover, which is always held on the 14/15th of the Jewish
    month Nisan. Since Jewish months begin on the new moon, it would be impossible
    for an eclipse to occur 14 days into a lunar cycle. The moon would be full at
    that time.

    The greek text of the book of Luke indicates that the sun was "obscured." Some
    modern translations have this as "eclipse," but that may not be the best
    translation of the text.

  • Uncle Monkey

    Uncle Monkey - 2010-03-31

    That really happened? I thought it was a movie!

  • Luis Lajas

    Luis Lajas - 2010-04-02

    well I was wondering about what you've said rosstamon and, do you changed your
    geographical location coordinates to Jerusalem when you tried to see the sky
    events? or Belem? I haven't tried my self, I was really just wondering.



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