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  • Greg Roberts

    Greg Roberts - 2012-10-30

    Many thanks Bogdan - I will have another try tomorrow at importing a large database of elements ( about 6000 satellites) into STELLARIUM . Maybe I just havent played with STELLARIUM enough to become fully familiar with it.

    Best wishes
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    It seems that you have managed to post to Stellarium's Feedback forum by replying to a notification e-mail. Either that, or you have clicked on the wrong button. :) In all cases, your post is in a different thread than the post you were replying to.

    I dont know why the conventional method of just reading a standard satellite TLE file from a directory cant be used instead of the clumsy way now used -- incidentally if I were to use STELLARIUM for satellite tracking it would have to be useable without an internet connection to load the elements in since the computer that controls my tracking setup does not have an internet connection..

    If you uncheck the "Update from Internet sources" box in the Satellites plug-in configuration window, a new button will appear that allows you to update from files. The "Add new satellite" button will also change its behavior and ask to load a file when you open it.

    I have done it from time to time but mostly by trial and error as its not that obvious from the help data that appears in STELLARIUM so if you have an easier way I would certainly be interested.

    In the most recent versions of the plug-in, adding one or more new satellites from a list is easy - just use the "+" button to open the appropriate sub-window.

    The Stellarium Wiki has a page about the Satellites plugin. It's slightly out of date, but I believe the sections describing the format of the satellites.json file is updated.

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    Great info !



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