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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Stellarium is fantastic! I used it to spot constellations on a clear night, and managed to spot many I had never seen before. A really great tool.

    I'd like Stellarium to do more to make use of stellar magnitude:

    • I'd like the difference between brighter and dimmer stars to be more exaggerated - neighbouring stars that seemed to differ greatly when looking at the sky seemed indistinguishable in Stellarium. Perhaps make the brighter stars larger, as astronomical diagrams do? I know this conflicts with the goal of photorealism, but so does failing to distinguish brighter from darker, and it might be the most beneficial of two evils.

    • I'd like to be able to interactively control the threshold at which stars are displayed at all, so I can adjust it to match the sky as I can see it. To be photorealistic I guess that should be a light pollution control :-)

    • As I zoom in, stars that were invisible should become visible, as a telescope would do.

    On another note, it would be great if everything had key bindings (eg search), so I could do away with the buttons at the bottom. And documentation of all the options in config.ini would be most welcome.

    Thanks for writing Stellarium!

    Paul Crowley

    • Rob Spearman

      Rob Spearman - 2005-09-13

      You can adjust aspects of star sizing and brightness in the text menu. Hit 'm' and use the arrow keys to go to item 4. Stars.

      As you zoom in you will see more stars.

      Most key bindings are listed in the help - hit 'h'
      For search you can hit CTRL-F

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        First magintude stars look the same as second mangintude stars. Eg Sirius looks the same brightnes Beta and Aldura. Rigel an Betelguese are look no brighter than the "belt" stars. Fomalhaut same as Beta PsA.

        Is there a way to may Siruis and other alpha stars look like they actully are the brightest of the constellation?




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