More objects in the database?

  • Jeffrey C. Albro

    Stellarium is great! Zooming in to objects is great! But sometimes I zoom in on something that I know is there and it missing.

    If it's a matter of getting GPLed images for the software, I'd be happy to see what I could get for images from various astronomy groups.


    • Fabien Chéreau

      Fabien Chéreau - 2004-09-28

      Hi Jeffrey,

      I know that many objects are missing, and your are right when you say that it is a problem of GPLed images.

      Actually, the project really need someone to manage the nebulas images. From version 0.6.0, I had to remove all the previous textures because of copyrights issues, and i then tried to collect some new ones, especially from who gave me the authorisation to modify and redistribute their pictures.

      However, there is still a lot to do :
      1- Find nicer images for most of the objects. They have to look as real as possible.
      2- Include more objects, especially of the southern hemisphere
      3- All the images have to be "cleaned" and resized so that they look good in the soft.

      If you are interested in this, please tell me.

      You can already have a look at the nebula textures that are in the texture directory. You can modify the file messier.fab to add/modify nebulas list.

      Concerning the copyrights for the new textures : each texture must be clearly iddentified, and it must be authorized from the author to use/modify/redistribute them within the package.



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