June 17, 2 BC position error?

  • Anonymous - 2014-01-30

    Hi there, I am trying to see the supposed "Bethlehem Star" event on June 17, 2BC. Though when I plug in that date, Jupiter and Venus are nowhere near each other!

    Is this an error or am I doing something wrong? (See pic)


  • Alexander Wolf

    Alexander Wolf - 2014-01-30

    Your date is wrong - it have error for one year! Stellarium use astronomical year numbering and 2BC = -1 in Stellarium.

    Hint: http://www.stellarium.org/wiki/index.php/FAQ#.22There_is_no_year_0.22.2C_or_.22BC_dates_are_a_year_out.22

    • Anonymous - 2014-01-30

      Thank you!

  • Anonymous - 2014-02-10

    Hi Anonymous.

    The so-called "Star of Bethlehem" was the "star of Jesus" (of Bethlehem) according to the Gospel of Matthew chapter 2 as magicians say they have seen "his star". The sign was associated Jesus was the Roman cross, which has a longer than another bar. Obviously not a zodiacal constellation corresponding to any astrological sign, but there is a constellation that resembles such cross: the Southern Cross. A "star" formed by stars.

    Stellarium shows that this constellation was visible from Jerusalem 2000 years ago looking south at 12 hours in the days of February. Bethlehem is south of Jerusalem, and the Magi traveling from Jerusalem to Bethlehem. Also, of course, seen since Persia (or from the city of Susa or Persepolis or from from Babylon, possible places of origin of the Magi), which is at the same latitude as Jerusalem.


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      I have a 19 minutes Stellarium script set to music you might enjoy.




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