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  • Sergio Trujillo

    Sergio Trujillo - 2005-08-22


    I'm writing the User's Guide of Stellarium, that contains instructions of installing, compiling, use of GUI with screenshots, the FAQ, links to web and forum, and all I can find in CVS or web about use of this great software...

    First, I write in spanish, my native language, and for 0.6.0 version. Next, me or others will traduce it, and adapt to 0.7.0. if contains many changes. Of course, I use (1.1.4) and the result will be available in PDF and OOo format, in CVS and/or Web. I will use styles in all, and GPL fonts like Dustismo or Alfred Heavy Hollow.

    The license could be GFDL or Creative Commons. You decide.

    What do you think about Fabien?
    What think the community?

    The preview PDF will be available in my web:

    Thanks to comments.

    Sergio Trujillo
    Spanish Translator & more

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      You can download a new version of this guide in:
      (in spanish)

      Sergio Trujillo
      Spanish Translator & more

    • Johan Meuris

      Johan Meuris - 2005-09-03

      A well maintained document like this will surely attract many more users!
      Of course, explaining every little step does mean a lot of work if something changes...
      Version 0.7.0 will be here soon, and the FAQ will need to be updated too.


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