patternjuggler - 2004-10-17

I am in need of space sky boxes for my 3d space game, and it would be cool if stellarium could help me make them.

What stellarium would need to to do is generate six image files (.png or .jpg or .bmp) of a given resolution (1024x1024 say), and all at 90 degrees to each other with fov of 90 x 90, so that when these are textured to a box there is a seamless sky from the point of view of the center of the box.

If not an automatic feature, is there a way to do this from the current interface? Pause time, set the screen resolution to be square, turn off all visible interface items, set the fov to 90 degrees by 90 degrees, take a screenshot, then rotate by 90 degrees to up or down or right or left, take another screenshot until all six are done.