inexpensive planetarium with stellarium

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    i've made a small planetarium, using small dome and videoprojector.
    you can see the project at
    sorry, it's for the moment in french. Translate in progress. But the pictures says more info.

    Yves Lhoumeau

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Greg,

      sorry for my poor english !

      the flat triangles and seams doesn't really matter. the distortion are minor. big dome have sometime distortions.

      i don't use any mirror or fisheye. The projector is standard. Infocus X1a
      look at

      and i use the projector normaly, but the screen is not flat, it's a dome. between projector and screen: 4 meters, for 1.2 m dome.

      i've calculate: for a 3.6 dome, projector-screen= 9,5 meters

      i will drawing the whole assembly.


    • Johan Meuris

      Johan Meuris - 2006-02-24

      Very cool project! Thanks for showing. We'll have to link this somehow.

    • Greg

      Greg - 2006-02-24

      Hi Yves,

      Nice job with the planetarium. I am also planning on building a geodesic dome for my project. I am curious about a couple of things:

      Do you think the distortion of the stars due to the flat triangles and seams is annoying, or does it not really matter?

      Could you possibly sketch a drawing, or show some photos on your website showing the projector and the dome? I would like to see the whole assembly. Did you use any kind of mirror, or fisheye lens with your projector?

      I have been really annoying lately trying to get some sort of image warping feature added to Stellarium so images look correct projected on a dome with a mirror. Look at the thread about GNU and warped version of Stellarium. That makes two of us who are interested in building our own planetariums.

      Thanks for the post and information,



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