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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    This program is seriously cool. Thank you and well done to all of the developers who have worked together to make it. I've been using it for about a year now and the versions just keep getting better.

    I have a question about landscapes. I have taken 8 jpeg photos of my back garden which are more or less correctly aligned, and converted them to png files (and renamed them geureins1,2,3 etc and put them in the landscapes folder). I would love to be able to make the sky part of the photos transparent, but I haven't the first clue where to start - any ideas would be welcome.

    Thank You


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I had geat success creating a panoramic display of my local landscape using a digital camera, a panorama making program and photoshop. How I did it is on my website

      Beaumont Hills Observatory
      Sirius 2.3 metre fibre glass Dome
      S 33' 41' 43.69" E 150' 56' 32.56"
      LX200GPS 12" F10 Permanent Polar mounted
      Home page

      • Johan Meuris

        Johan Meuris - 2005-12-28

        Thanks for the document! I've got two other tips I can share.

        Autostitch. I was baffled by the results of this free panorama stitcher. And the best and most impressive thing about it is that you don't have to manipulate anything, it's all automatic.

        To address the problem of the sky still being visible around leaves and finer scenery, use the >layers>matting capabilities of Photoshop. "Defringe" removes a given range of pixels, and "remove white matte" is very helpful for losing the white tint around leaves.

    • Johan Meuris

      Johan Meuris - 2005-09-26

      32 bits png files have the ability to save an alpha channel, ie information that says how transparent a pixel is. You need to find yourself an image editor and erase the sky in your images, then save as png files.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thank you, I shall see if I can make it work.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Two questions: Do the png files need to be a certain pixel x pixel size? Do you know of a good png editor? I'm on Mac OS X 10.3.9?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi - I'm the guy who started this thread. I'm on windows,not mac, but I got it to work by using a graphics prog called "the gimp". It's open source and I found it here on Once you have a png, just add an alpha channel and then "erase" the sky, using the zoom tool for the fiddly bits - it worked a treat and stellarium now simulates the view from my back garden. I'm not sure about the pixel size, I can't remember what I did now, but gimp will let you resize if you need to. Jon.



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