Anonymous - 2013-05-22

No Strings Attached

The Moon, just like Pinocchio,
Before he was a boy and though
Upon the stage I make him dance
His heart is cold and craves a chance
To whirl without the master’s pull.
But as it stands; now half, now full.

Stellarium it is the string
Behind this most unnatural thing
We masters pull, adjust, create
The way we wish to wane our day.
And like a chain that binds a slave
Can only act as we behave.

I find no pleasure with this grip
Upon the ropes of this great ship.
He must be free to roam the sky;
I must release and let him fly.
I push escape, the program breaks
The binds that tied him to this stake.

I rush outside where we belong;
He asks me if I’d come along.
We dance without such strings attached
He makes me sing and twirl and laugh.
Relationships should give and take
Without strings to manipulate.