The skybright class

  • VReijs

    VReijs - 2013-01-19

    Hello Stellarium,

    I see the following reference on the sky brightness: 1.3 The skybright class
    The class is a fast reimplementation of the VISLIMIT.BAS basic
    source code from Brad Schaefer's article on pages 57-60, May
    1998 Sky & Telescope, "To the Visual Limits". The basic
    sources are available on the Sky and Telescope web site.
    (code "offered as-is and without support.")

    In 2002 a few changes were made due to my debugging of Schaefer's code (and that is also implemented on the Sky&Telescope: )
    See my changes:

    I don't know when you used the code form Sky&Telescope, if older than above, perhaps use my changes.

    All the best,


  • Alexander Wolf

    Alexander Wolf - 2013-01-21

    Hello Victor,

    I seen code and it looks that we already apply fixes in code. In any case thanks for study of code. If you can study code in future and can write patches with bug fixes then feel free for create it.

    WBW, Alexander

  • VReijs

    VReijs - 2013-01-21

    Hello Alexander,

    Indeed I do a lot of GPL based coding (did some cooperation with Swiss Ephemeris) where I implemented this heliacal event routines (which debugging Brad Schaefer's software). My software (ARCHAEOCOSMO) can be gotten as usual with GPL:

    I could also do coding for Stellarium, but I don't have a development environment for it and sometimes I hope that my ideas can help others to implement it *helped some 30 different software packages [commercial/GPL/etc.] already). I am always available for constructive testing/feedback and I can understand that someone else might not want to implement things I find important;-)
    If some one does not want to implement my ideas: I will just accept it or, if possible, I can code it in Excel (or extend my VBA code) and can provide sample code.

    All the best,



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