Compiling the latest source for a newbie?

Larry G
  • Larry  G

    Larry G - 2011-04-20

    Hi everyone,

    The Stellarium website says users can compile the program from source to test
    out and view the latest features, and I know people do this, but I am a total
    noob as far as this goes, but I'm curious to see Stellarium with a lot of the
    bug fixes such as the fix of the Time Zone Plug-in.

    Is there a fairly, easy, straight forward tutorial on how to do this? The site
    says you have to download something called "Bazaar" and also a program called
    QT, which seems straight forward enough, but I am using Windows 7 64-bit Home
    Basic Edition, and it says that for the program, QT, to work properly, you
    need to download the VMware from Microsoft of XP 32-bit. That seems a bit
    convoluled to me.

    Is there a simpler, more straight forward way to do this with noob
    instructions? lol I can usually follow directions pretty well, but the author
    of that section of the site, even had questions about the process (mistakenly
    left in the instructions, I assume), which really left me scratching my head,

    Love the program. Also, is there an ETA on when v0.10.7 will be released?

  • Bogdan Marinov

    Bogdan Marinov - 2011-04-20

    A very easy way that doesn't require any compilation:

    Windows installers for test builds of "intermediate" versions can be
    downloaded from here:

    The Time Zone plug-in was fixed in revision 4876, so you need "stellarium-
    ". (The Ultima2000 control still
    doesn't work, and I haven't heard anything from StellarCAT for a month.) Do
    have in mind that most of the more advanced options in the Time Zone plug-in
    work only on Linux.

    The latest revision is 4882 - I haven't uploaded any test builds for several
    weeks as I was rather busy "in real life". :) I may upload a new Windows
    package tomorrow (my time).

  • barrykgerdes

    barrykgerdes - 2011-04-20

    Hi Larry333

    If you are not familiar with compiling programs from source the program
    mentiond by Bogdan is the easiest way to see a later development version or if
    you have already installed version 0.10.6 you can get a patch of the
    executables from here:

    However the information on compiling from source is detailed in the Wiki.
    Some notes however:-

    Qt will install in Windows 7 64 bit OK but the SDK version only has QT 4.7.0
    so it will need to be installed first and you will need to get the Qt 4.7.2
    libraries for windows and install them in the Qt folder in lieu of the 4.7.0

    My prefered method of compiling is the msys method. To get the other
    dependancies make sure you get the 64 bit versions of Tortoise. If there is
    anything you don't understand ask questions

    The other dependancies are not critical but need to be installed inthe order

    Forget the "VMware" version available from microsoft and the assocociated XP
    are very basic and do not have OpenGl drivers. VMware has come a long way
    since that version was released.

    I have compiled Stellarium in XP, Vista and Windows 7 64bit ultimate without
    any bother. I have also used the Microsoft version of VMware but now use the
    latest version of VMware to build my virtual platform. There is also the
    possibility of a " Stellarium thin application" being prepared that will run
    on any platform.


  • Larry  G

    Larry G - 2011-04-21

    Thank you, so much to the both of you. As long as there is a test build of the
    feature, I'm interested in, I'll probably just go with that Windows installer
    for now, but definitely still look into compiling at some future date just
    because it's something I should learn to do.

    @daggerstab, your comment about the time zone advanced features only working
    in Linux, I've been thinking of downloading the Ubuntu Live CD, just to have
    as an emergency backup anyway, this may actually send me over the edge to try
    out Linux. Can you install the Linux version of Stellarium on the Boot from CD
    "test drive" option, or would I have to install Ubuntu Linux to install any

    Again, thank you both.

  • Bogdan Marinov

    Bogdan Marinov - 2011-04-21

    I've uploaded a test build of revision 4882:
    (look for stellarium-bzr4882-win32.exe)

    As for Ubuntu, you can "install" Stellarium during a Live CD session, but it
    will disappear at the end of the session. :)

    If you want to try Ubuntu, have in mind that the Stellarium version in
    Ubuntu's repositories often lags behind the most recently released version. We
    do have a repository (a PPA - "personal package archive") with the latest
    release but adding it to Ubuntu requires some work (a few commands or some
    fiddling with dialogs).

  • Larry  G

    Larry G - 2011-04-23

    Thank you. :)

    It installed very nice. I do have one question, but I believe you answered it
    earlier. The Time Zone plugin seems to work, partially, but will not make the
    DST adjustment on the User defined time zone section. Is this what you meant
    about advanced features only working in Linux? And is there a plan to
    implement this feature on the Windows version?

    Previously the plugin already did work to where you could adjust the offset
    from UTC. When I set it to my system time, I can, at any time, take it to the
    time of DST adjustment and see the clock automatically adjust. Just curious to
    why this does not work on the user defined portion of the time zone plug in.

    At any rate, still a wonderful program, much appreciate the effort you guys
    have put into it, it's truly superb. No biggie, just curious about this




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