low cost fisheye proyector

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello, I am in Chile, Involved in educational activities, I would like to know how can I make a Low cost Fish eye Projector for Stellarium ( I havnt 15k$+ for it ) From here I could send several panoramic pictures taken at VLT paranal ( I worked at VLT UT1 several years ago ) or from other astronomical interesting sites.

    • Rob Spearman

      Rob Spearman - 2005-03-22

      Your options are pretty limited. What is your budget? Could you get a grant or sponsor?

      Email me for some ideas: rob at digitaliseduation.com

    • Fabien Chéreau

      Fabien Chéreau - 2005-03-22

      Have a look there, Rob who is working on the project sells his own projectors:


    • Fabien Chéreau

      Fabien Chéreau - 2005-03-22

      Huh you replied 2 seconds before me :)


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