Missing Messier Objects

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Some are there... but take some finding cos they arn't marked.......
    perhaps all of them sould be there... mmmm ?

    Please add London

    Still my favorite and loved by friends, work colleagues and family

    Keep up the great work


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Figured out how to add the 'missing' Messiers myself. By the way, the 'files_format.txt' file is incorrect.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Figured out how to add the missing objects myself. By the way, the 'files_format.txt' file is incorrect in the Messier section.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Could you point out the mistake? We're compiling the FAQ at the moment.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Sure. Here is the modified section:

      1. messier.fab
        desc : Contains the nebula list (not only messier)
        type : ascii file, fields separated by SPACE, end of line is CR ('\n')
        line example : 1952 RS 05 34.5 +22 +01 8.2 06.0 0 M1_-_Crab_Nebula m1 Wineglass_Observatory
        lines format : NGCnumber NebulaType hh min.mm deg min.mm mag size texRotation Name TexName Credits
        **End of Changes
        • NGCnumber : NGC catalog number
        • NebulaType : TODO and change..
        • hh min.mm : Right ascention hour and minutes and tenth of minutes
        • deg min.mm : Declinaison in degree min and tenth of minutes
        • mag : magnitude
        • size : angular size in arcminute
          **TexRotation and Credits were left out of this description
          • TexRotation : Position Angle? or Amount to rotate image in the program?
        • Name : Nebula name with spaces replaced by '_'
        • TexName : texture file name. png file without alpha chanel.
          • Credits : Photo credits
            *End of Changes
      • Johan Meuris

        Johan Meuris - 2004-12-20

        Much obliged!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thank you for the wonderful program! I was looking for a visually pleasing program to demonstrate finding objects in the night sky to budding astronomers when I found yours...well done! 'Traditional' planetarium and charting programs cannot hold a candle to the simplicity of use and asthetics of Stellarium. I would like to echo Jon's comment about the Messier objects. There are 110 (or less depending on who you talk to) objects in the catalog. I'm sure you know this. Beginners usually start with this catalog because the objects are generally bright and easy to find in small telescopes. If you could add the missing objects that would be fantastic and go along way to help beginning astronomers. Later on I might suggest that you add the Hershel 400 catalog or perhaps the NGC 2000 catalog. I wouldn't overload the program with GSC or any other large catalog that requires a massive telescope to observe the objects. Thank you again :)

      Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA



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