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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    What about a catalog for newbies (and no so newbies):
    I'm a newbie at astronomy and a I would love to have a "tab" in which I could see the most interesting objects I should locate... such as pleyades, M45... so I can start learning quickly. Optionaly you could include information about the hours that every specific object will be visible so I can schedule an observation.
    Information about eclipses, a "what happens this night? tab" and/or a "planets this night" tab Are welcome too...

    I'm wish you release a new version soon (no mather what new features you include ;)

    • Rudy

      Rudy - 2005-03-25

      First of all - congratulation! Im so happy to find this program. I was not in astronomy before, but now Im really eager about it.Its great. Thanks again. However, maybe I missed that, but is it true, only one location can be saved? To save a few more locations which can be avtivated just by a mouse-click would be really amazing.
      But as I said before: Its a beautiful program!

      Best regards to everyone!




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