Mervo1944 - 2006-05-16

Having used Stellariun for a couple of weeks I'd
like to give my opinion of this application.

I consider it the best astronomy program I've ever
used - notwithstanding the fact that 'system time'
overrules any other location used other than the
observers home location. I get over this by altering the system (XP) time zone to the location I've chosen.

To give an example of its accuracy, I can recall the days when I lived in the North East of the UK.
Around the days of the summer solstice, throughout the night, the northern horizon was bathed in a
twilight. It never got completely dark.

Stellarium replicates this admirably.
Looking at the display. it's almost like being back home!

If the authors of this program read this, it's my hope that updates will enable allow different locations to select the appropriate time zone so that the time display reflects the selected location as opposed to the system location.

The only other addition I would wish for is the ability to track satellites using the conventional two line elements available from Space Track.

An excellent astronomy program !

Adelaide, South Australia