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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Nice to have a talk with you. My English is poor, please don't care. Stellarium is a wonderful software for sky lovers. In China, there are lots of friends need this software for farther studying. I' m a senior student. Stellarium helps me a lot. You know, China is a developing country. The clear night is hard to be seen by citizens. That can be really a problem for astronomy learners. But the revolution is Stellarium' s coming. It should be helped a lot. However, many people in China don't know much about English. If Stellarium had a Chinese edition, Stellarium would be run in every sky lover's computer, I promise. So your software would get widespread in China.
    Otherwise, I know Stellarium contains a Chinese traditional sky culture support. But it is in English, what a pity!
    In this case, I could offer Chinese translation for Stellarium. If you need them, please send me an e-mail( I will provide them to you for free.
    I wish it were helpful for Stellarium. And it' s useful for Chinese supporters.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Without a suitable front, our efforts in translating English constellation names into Chinese or even other languages become meaningless.

      I spent half an hour typing Chinese words and than saved the file as constellation_names.fab, after this really time-consuming progress I set “sky_locale” in the config.ini as “chi”, and then ran the program. I thought this time would be trouble-free, but I wrong.

      I realized that I had to define “chi” as “Chinese” in the skylanguages.fad in the directory “data”. I did it and ran the program again. But once again I fail. The program didn’t show the words. I read the FAQ again and finally I knew that something must be done to courierfont.txt and (or) spacefont.txt. But what should I do to them? I had no idea. I was very disappointed.

      I think users other than speaking Latin languages might also meet the same problem and cannot be solved without the helps of authors. This discourages people from devoting themselves to contribute to the program. Hope anyone can do something to it.


      • Johan Meuris

        Johan Meuris - 2006-01-14

        It's true, Stellarium doesn't have the capabilities to show Chinese characters yet.
        The developers are working hard to find a good solution and make Stellarium truly international. Until then, you'll have to wait with your efforts, but we'll make sure to let you know.
        The cvs version is already using truetype font rendering so the font textures don't really come into play anymore.

    • Rob Spearman

      Rob Spearman - 2006-01-02

      We're working on adding fonts for any language. Then Stellarium can be used in Chinese. We will be in touch if we need some help. Thanks for volunteering.


    • Walter

      Walter - 2006-01-07

      Thank you for your help! I got a account just now. You can call me whenever you like!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi all,

      I'm a stargazer from H.K and I met a problem in showing Traditional Chinese words.

      To show authentic Chinese constellations (with their original Chinese names) I translated the words in the constellationship.fab into Traditional Chinese words. But once I saved the file and ran the program, it couldn't show the names properly.

      I had spent time on reading the FAQ before but there was no related hint could be found to address the problem. Can anyone tell me what can I do to it?

      The binocular astronomer

      15x70, 19, is a stargazer with 8 years of experience in stargazing. He claimed he saw one of the most challenging Messier objects, M33, under the light of the Moon with a pair of 15x70. Last month he published the Chinese Ancient Stars’ Name Supplement(CASNS, presented in Chinese only) containing more than 1300 stars for the free planetarium HNSKY, on the Net.



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