• Anonymous - 2012-11-12

    I have inputed my lat/long co-ordinates correctly, but objects alt / az are 3 or 4 degrees out with my ASTROFINDER which has been calibrated. Also the position of stars can be "out" by as much as 1 hour. I have tried to get round this by " going backwards " on the clock, but this can make the stars disappear in daylight. What am I doing wrong.?
    I live in the U.K. and my postcode is BD19 4PH.

  • Anonymous - 2012-12-12

    Hello my friend

    ..I got the same situation actually !

    I also set up my config propperly (Date/Time position etc...)
    My Telescopecontroller sends its Home-Position ( in my case its DEC 90 degrees North)
    Its an equitorial mount -so independing of the hourely position - if DEC is 90 degree
    it should show the telescope-circle directly in the celestrial Northpole on the
    skymap of Stellarium - nope - its some degrees off...
    now I klick at the Stellarium on the Telescope-circle - in the left-upper corner it
    shows correctly RA/DE(J2000) ..h..m..s/+90 00' 00" - so in that case it should show also
    some lines below Az/Alt +00 00'00"/latitude(as it is configured in the location-setup)
    !But its not - it shows Az/Alt +359 57'36"/and 4 minutes less than in setup.

    I also tried to change the location or the time , but if I find a point where Az gets
    00 00' 00" and the Alt gets the same value than that from my actual position - I find myself somewhere in thousand kilometers far eastern....

    So , I resume there is any hint or a misconfiguration -

    or I am just too stupid :-)

    !!! - ok while I wrote this above - I tried some more settings and found out that
    in my TelescopeSettings I could change from J2000 to the Date - format - now it works!!

    ..goto Settings / Extensions / Telecscopecontrol / Configure - mark Your telescope-connection and change from J2000 to the other (date-koordinat..) option.

    have fun !

    greets Alex



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