replication of stellarium using LEDs

  • shade

    shade - 2012-05-29

    This is a project which we are trying to undertake.
    What we're bsically attempting is to replicate the night sky onto a wall of
    LEDs.Show the major constellations and make it as real time as possible,ie
    provide the ability to accelerate and decelerate time.
    For this we need to determine the positions of various objects in the night
    sky simultaneously,
    if possible in cartesian co-ordinates of the screen it is displayed on so it
    can be duplicated on the LED wall,is there any way to obtain this data from
    this data(the co-ordinates) would have be transferred to a microcontroller
    which would be responsible for controlling the LEDs.
    and has anyone tried such a project before or anything similar to this?
    any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous - 2013-02-11

    Sounds like a fun project, how's it going?
    In the meantime,
    Can't you use a projector as a second screen/monitor and simply project the Stellarium display onto the wall?
    Or get one of the newer 8 foot televisions and use it as a second screen?



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