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Felipe N A
  • Felipe N A

    Felipe N A - 2011-01-14

    I am very new a Stellarium, but i wonder- is it possible to pick a star and
    name it? If so how? How can i pick up a star that will last many years (i
    don't know much about astronomy, sorry)

    Thank you!

  • Matthew Gates

    Matthew Gates - 2011-01-15

    Stellarium doesn't operate a "name a star" scheme. Also, please do be aware
    that similar schemes are not very meaningful - organisations which sell star
    naming services generally just record this in a private database - it has not
    real meaning to professional astronomers. Such schemes are generally
    considered to be a bit of a scam.

    What you can do is name your own star by editing some of the data files! All
    you need to do is choose a star with a hipparcos catalog number and add it to
    the star_names.fab file for a sky culture of your choice... this way, your
    customized label will appear in the sky without having to pay anything :-)

  • Keatah

    Keatah - 2012-04-27

    Mmm... Yes..yes..yes! A do-it-yourself Name-A-Star project! Thanks man!

    1- Find a star and edit Stellarium's database to display the name.
    2- Put together Stellarium onto a DVD. (Include Orbiter and Celestia if the
    recipient is a real astro buff)
    3- Use PrintShop or Picture It or one of those official-looking award makers
    and make a nice certificate. Frame it.
    4- Print up something about the constellation your newly named star resides
    in, some starlore, that sort of thing.
    5- Print a spec sheet with all the numbers Stellarium displays in the upper
    lefthand corner.
    6- Make a few star charts, print them on card stock
    7- Make a little laminated reference card on how to quickly start Stellarium
    and navigate clearly and concisely to the newly named star. Make it a 1-2-3
    simple operation.
    8- Include a basic astronomy guide. A book or something.
    9- Get a nice folder with gold edges to put everything in, or a book giftbox
    of a sort.
    10- Include some of those kids silver award star stickers, like the "good job
    on your homework" thing.

    You can do this deluxe kit for about 20-25 bucks, whereas to have it done on
    the internet would cost you over 200. And it wouldn't be as personalized as
    one that is hand made. The perfect gift for someone that would know how to
    appreciate it!



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