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  • dlpcap

    dlpcap - 2012-05-29

    Revisiting an old question.
    How do you get the constellation lines to appear in Stellarium 0.11.2?
    One earlier post suggested editing the config.ini file?
    Found in USERID\appdata\roaming\stellarium\config.ini on my 32bit Vista
    (of course, I have saved the original....)
    Is this the one to modify?
    There is another, I believe, in the program files\stellarium directory.
    I have changed the config.ini a couple of times, to no avail, and last was to
    be the same as the cardinal color (which appears red), but this did not do the
    trick, either.
    changed config -
    cardinal_color = 0.77,0.22,0.1
    const_lines_color = 0.77,0.22,0.1
    const_names_color = 0.31,0.38,0.46

    cardinal_color = 0.8,0.1,0.1
    const_lines_color = 0.77,0.22,0.1
    const_names_color = 0.8,0.2,0.2
    Are the 3-digit parameters in the config.ini = R,G,B?
    What combo does it need to be set show yellow for const_lines_color (regular,
    and night?)

  • Kajaji

    Kajaji - 2012-05-29

    looks like a bug.

    You can change colors thru text user interface plugin.

    enable it, restart stellarium
    then down arrow until 5. colors
    right arrow: 5.1 constellation lines
    right arrow again, then up or down arrow to change the value
    same for the other two values
    you can see the change immediately
    yellow is 1 1 0
    Unfortunately, you can not save the changes.

  • Kajaji

    Kajaji - 2012-05-30

    Sorry, it works. No bug

    I tried your:

    const_lines_color                   = 0.77,0.22,0.1

    on my USERID\appdata\roaming\stellarium\config.ini

    and it works.

    I have a windows vista 32 bit laptop too.



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