The Sun

  • Andrew

    Andrew - 2006-08-28

    First things first I love this program, keep up the good work.

    Right I want to be able to make the sun disappear when I want it to and come back again at another time, I can turn the atmosphere off but the sun doesn't go and I need it to.

    I am running it on Windows any ideas how I can do this.

    Secondly I was wondering if there is a way of making the constellation lines a little thicker?


    • johannes

      johannes - 2006-08-29

      Try to remove the line containing 'halo.png' from the suns configuration in ssystem.ini.


    • johannes

      johannes - 2006-09-08

      You mistake the atmosphere for the sun itself. Turn off the atmosphere when standing on Io or Europa.

      When you watch a lunar eclipse from earth you will see the rendering of earths shadow.


    • Norbert Mihály

      Norbert Mihály - 2006-09-11

      Ok, I try to ask you more simple, maybe I was misunderstandable:

      How do I make the yellow part on the moon black? How do I turn off the yellow part? Which line shall I modify in config.ini?

      • Rob Spearman

        Rob Spearman - 2006-09-11

        If you don't like the lunar eclipse coloration you can modify the textures/earth-shadow.png image.


    • Norbert Mihály

      Norbert Mihály - 2006-09-12

      Thank you for your reply.

    • Norbert Mihály

      Norbert Mihály - 2006-09-08

      Regarding Sun:

      When selecting a different planet as the Earth as homplanet, like Europa, the Sun won't disappear behind the Jupiter. I know it is hard to model all the 3D elements, like shadowing, but this will do good to the program.
      Btw: In case of a lunar eclipse, how do I set the program, that the shadowed part of the moon should not beeing shown, or just shadowed. Is there some kind of way to do so?


    • johannes

      johannes - 2006-09-10

      You may change the constellation lines color in config.ini and make it brigther. Perhaps this is what you want.


  • Cliff

    Cliff - 2012-04-30

    Is this a correct orbit?

    Uploaded with

  • Cliff

    Cliff - 2012-07-07

    No reply?



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