Telescope Control Connection

  • Anonymous - 2014-05-21

    I am trying to control an LX200 with stellarium 0.12.4 running on windows XP. I am getting no response to slew operations, and the control status shows CONNECTED for this instrument, even when the cable is unplugged. How can I debug the connection? I have a homemade cable.

  • barrykgerdes

    barrykgerdes - 2014-05-21

    Do you have a RS232 COM port on the computer or are you using a USB/COM connector?

    Is the LX200 aligned OK. You won't get a connection if the alignment has not been done.
    IF you are using a USB/COM adapter make sure you are addressing the right com port number
    Make sure the USB/COm adapter has the right driver and is being recognised.

    If all this is OK Your cable may be faulty. What drawings did you make it from? The connections to the RJ12 connector shown in the manual are not the same as most would expect. The pin numbers are shown as 142536 not 123456.


    • Anonymous - 2014-05-21

      Hi Barry

      Using a direct serial connection on COM1. The scope was put through 1-star alignment. I used the drawing from the manual (with odd pin numbering) to make the cable. Actually, I just made a DB-25 adapter for a standard cable: yellow wire to pin 2, green wire to pin 3, black wire to pin 7.


      • Anonymous - 2014-05-25

        Well, this thread seems to have run out, and I still can't get telescope control to work. It is unfortunate that Stellarium does not actually verify that it can communicate with the instrument. I am going to try Cartes du Ciel next.


  • Anonymous - 2015-05-01

    How can I connect my Celestron C9.25 to Sterralium 0.12.4

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    Anonymous - 2015-09-20

    Hello everyone,
    actually I have a similar Problem. I am trying to control an arduino based self-built goto-controller from stellarium via the Nexstar protocol. I can easily send serial messages from other programs to the controller. Only stellarium seems to be unable to output anything through the usb-to-serial Com-port. I have checked with an oscilloscope, there ist no signal whatsoever going over the serial port when using stellarium.

    Clear skies,



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