waldo kitty - 2014-01-08

On 1/7/2014 4:25 PM, barrykgerdes wrote:

What could be more simpler than this

:lol: really? more simpler would be to hit a key sequence in stellarium and
simply type in the speficif FOV desired ;) O:)

  1. open a text file "orphancommand.ssc"
  2. type in "StelMovementMgr.zoomTo(60, 2);"
  3. Save it in your user area stellarium\scripts\

Whenvever you need to go to a special FOV execute the script

If you need many different FOV's make a number of scripts or just edit this one.

sure if one knows anything about stellarium scripts... as long as i've been
running stellarium, i guess i've run scripts maybe once and that was only a few
of the "tour" type scripts just to see what they were showing (eg: anallema or
the system tour)... other than that, scripts are and have been useless to my
needs [shrug]

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