display a line showing users latitude

  • David Anderson

    David Anderson - 2011-11-05

    I would like to see a hot key added to display a line (purple?) showing the
    user's latitude. The line would be similar to the meridian, ecliptic, and
    celestial equator lines. The line would intersect the green meridian line and
    show the location of the north celestial pole. The intersection would give the
    relationship of Polaris to the north celestial pole at the time of display.
    This would be helpful in setting up the polar alignment of a telescope.

  • David Anderson

    David Anderson - 2011-11-06

    After a little more thought, there is a workaround. With the meridian line on
    and the azimuthal grid on, zoom into the field of view your telescope has.
    Flip the view vertically or horizontally to correspond to your telescope's
    view. Center over your latitude's intersection with the meridian and take a
    screen shot (best with colors inverted). Print the screen shot and draw your
    latitude line on the printout. The result should be the point where you want
    to center your equatorial mount's right ascension axis. This method should do
    everything the line display would have done.

  • David Anderson

    David Anderson - 2011-11-24

    An even better way to get your latitude's relationship to Polaris is to turn
    on the meridian and the equatorial grid. Center the 90 degree point which is
    the celestial pole. Now the position of Polaris with respect to the pole at
    the Stellarium time is displayed. Zooming in to the field of view you are
    seeing through your polar finder telescope gives a good picture of where
    Polaris lies with respect to the pole. The view can be inverted vertically or
    horizontally or both to agree with your polar finder telescope. Stellarium
    time can be set to agree with your time. Jason Dale's Polar Finder program
    gives a similar view. Compare what you see with Polar Finder with the above
    Stellarium display with your view through your polar finder telescope. This
    should give you the information needed to locate Polaris in your polar finder
    telescope for a precise polar alignment.



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