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    Hi guyz, my name is gustavo, I'm a student from Belo Horizonte, Minas gerais, Brazil and os I discovered Stellarium a few weeks ago, while browsing thru Debian repositories... I used to have KStars installed in my PC, but after I found out stellarium that really changed xD

    Now i Have both Windows and Linux installations on PC and enjoying the sky pretty much =)

    But so, here's the good news, I just got into a program for teaching astronomy to children at our University Little Observatory, we got an old German Cassegranian Telescope with about 0.6m main mirror, yeah, that's not THAT good, but does the work... well, one of our teachings is based on EZC (EZ Cosmos) program witch we have installed in some PCs and use to show the sky and constellations to children, and to help ourselves in our observations.... well then, I'm now writing to my teacher tosay to him: WE MUST HAVE Stellarium on our observatory, this f*** awesome software will increase the quality of our classes greatly, and the better, for free (that's pretty important in a countr like mine, where money is not fling around in the hands of all)...

    Anyway, I just wanna thank you guyz really much for making the software and making it for free, and let you that I really enjoy your software, and it will be used in a really fair and honorable way, cause your software will help us to let our children, that not always have access to many information, know better the great Cosmos that surround us!

    Thank You guyz and keep the great work!

    Gustavo Campos - gucampos AT

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      > "I used to have KStars installed in my PC, but after I found out stellarium that really changed xD"

      personally, I will use both, because each have specific features :
      kstars : the horizontal coordinate system
      kstars : the ecliptic coordinate system (only from a converter, but stellarium doesn't offer that at all...)
      kstars : you can obtain a lot and lot of informations on each sky objet from the right-clic menu
      stellarium : the realistic view thanks the atmospheric feature (It doesn't manage the light pollution, but kstars doesn't offer a realistic view at all)
      stellarium : constellations for several cultures, not only western constellations
      stellarium : constellation art images (western culture only unfortunately)

      And probably a lot of other differences....

      So, a good competition for the future IMHO ;)

    • Tony Granberg

      Tony Granberg - 2005-09-13

      Sorry, I don't have time to go through all the pros and cons with this, but I just like to say that I enjoy it very much and think it's just really smooth and beautiful. It makes me eager to get a telescope the day I can afford to buy a good one. I'm glad this is free software. Just wow.. thanks! Keep up the good work!



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