• Nobody/Anonymous

    Is there a way for user to add their own landscape..I would like to take a panographic shot of the ST Croix Observitory area to be used with this other location in Nova Scotia Canada

    • Johan Meuris

      Johan Meuris - 2005-05-02

      Yes, you can, and it's fairly easy too. I can talk you through it, in fact I should just use this question as an opportunity to write a short illustrated tutorial for everyone wanting to add their own landscape. A very short mention is in the FAQ:

      Give me a week or so, and I'll explain the concepts and parameters as clearly as I can, and I'll help out should you come across any problems. Digging in the textures folder will already explain a lot. Please hold :)

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but i'm not noticing any changes when i alter the decor_angle_rotatez function. If i understand this feature correctly it means that i should be able to line up the image (horizon) to the correct azimuthal coordinates by rotating it by this angle... Every thing else is working fine though and i was able to take a pan of my yard and move the image vertically in Stellarium so that the trees reach up to the same altitude in the programs sky as they do in real life. Very cool! I just need to rotate it to the right azimuth :-(

        This is a very fun program!



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