Is my lat/longitude correct? Mars position?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Windows version of stellarium ver 0.71

    I live about 8 miles east of Los Angeles calif ( El Monte ). I determined my long/lat from
    Google Earth )and it turned out to be:

    long -118 02 49.25
    lat 34 02 48.55

    I plugged those values into their appropriate spots in Stellariums config.ini file.
    ( btw, these values are different from the ones on the location tab in stellarioums config menu)

    Ok, it's about 7:00 pm pacific time on Dec 11 2005 and when starting up stellarium I see that
    the Moon is supposed to be eclipsing Mars. But when I walk out my door and look up Mars is
    clearly visible ( I would estimate about 2 moon widths east of the moon )

    ( I guess Google Earth could be incorrect )

    Any ideas?

    btw, I luv this program! thanks!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Cool!, that appears to be it.
      btw, what programming language is stellarium written in?


    • Johan Meuris

      Johan Meuris - 2005-12-12

      Stellarium is compensating for the optical illusion that makes the moon look bigger by default. If you press "P" a few times, you'll see that the moon gets labeled 'Moon (4.0x)'. Press "O" to let Stellarium display the real size of the moon. Mars should be visible now.
      I guess that's what is going on. If we were to let Stellarium show the real size of the moon by default, people would come here to mention that the moon looks too small, heh. Glad you're enjoying it!



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