Scope Field of View "Ring"

  • BazzaM

    BazzaM - 2005-02-11

    As a newby Im slowly getting there, one thing that would help me alot is if I could have a circle on the display around a feature so that I know what should be in the field of view (FoV) of my scope. Couple this with being able to set the viewable stars to a certain mag (as per earlier posts) I would then be able to locate myself alot better. The idea being show me what I should be able to see when centred on a faint object so I can then let my camera have a long look to see the detail.
    I guess I'd need to load in the scope and eyepiece details including a limiting mag...
    This would realy make my life less stressful!!!
    By the way, the SW is still excellent Ive seen much more first hand and on my own since I've had it. Shame I dont have a laptop to take it into the hills away from the street lights! (ever thought of a PDA version?)... thinking on being able to print off the FoV to take with me would be great.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Good idea, it would be nice if I could specify the field to 6.6 degrees (for example), then I could see all the screen (no solid black area) only a little cicle drawn in the sky that represents the FoV. When you zoom in the circle becomes greater (keeping de ratio).

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Take it a step further. Allow the user to specify the focal length and aperature of their telescope and one or more eyepieces (FL, type, FOV, etc). Switching to Telescope mode would reduce the field and zoom to the appropriate amount for the selected magnification.

      Now what would be really slick would be to include a 'telrad' or 'Quickfinder' mode that overlays a telrad bullseye (and window) over the sky (wouldn't hurt to have a mask - user configured - to represent the body of the telescope)

      Stellarium is a great tool at a fantastic price. Keep up the good work!



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