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Paul Kitt
  • Paul Kitt

    Paul Kitt - 2009-02-11

    I just downloaded the latest version of Stellarium from SourceForge.net and successfully installed it. My system is:

    HP dv1040us notebook
    512 MB ram
    1.6 GHz Intel Centrino
    Intel 855GM processor with latest driver (yeah, I know...)
    Windows XP, SP3 with all updates

    This version actually does run with this video card. Anyway, after the splash screen is displayed and all of the catalogs, etc. are loaded, my firewall informs me that Stellarium wnats internet access. The pertinent part of the message is:

    Application 'STELLARIUM.EXE' is trying to establish TCP connection with remote IP address Do you want to allow this communication?

    I noticed that there was some similar discussions in 2006 about this issue, but there didn't seem to be any resolution. So far, I have always blocked the attempt. I can permanently block access, but I'd like to know what is going on and who the program is trying to reach.

    Paul Kitt

    • Timothy Reaves

      Timothy Reaves - 2009-02-28
       I think this is simply a mater of documenting this in the README or something.  Almost everything today connects for some reason.  I use a Mac, so I don't have to worry like a Windows use does, but that's a user issue, not a program issue.  I think that even auto updates are a good thing, but a program like Stellarium can really benefit from incorporating content from the network.
    • Mike Storm

      Mike Storm - 2009-02-11

      If you follow the IP address in your browser, you'll see that Stellarium is trying to connect to the SIMBAD Astronomical Database. We use this database to provide more results when searching for stars or objects (when you hit Ctrl-F to bring up the search dialog). I assure you it's completely harmless and you can allow the connection.


    • Paul Kitt

      Paul Kitt - 2009-02-11


      Thanks for your quick response. I will tell my firewall to allow access to this IP address.

      Here is information on another IP address that it is trying to access:


      This one is somewhat comical (excerpt):

      OrgName: SourceForge, Inc.
      OrgID: SOURC-54
      Address: 650 Castro Street, Suite 450
      Address: ATTN Accounts Payable
      StateProv: CA
      PostalCode: 94041
      Country: US


      • Mike Storm

        Mike Storm - 2009-02-11

        Not sure on that one. You're sure Stellarium is trying to access it? Of course that's a subdomain of this website, but I can't think of a reason Stellarium would contact it, nor can I find a reference to it in the source. Are you sure it's not your browser?

    • Paul Kitt

      Paul Kitt - 2009-02-11

      Yep. The firewall log clearly shows that Stellarium is trying to access that address. The web browser (IE7) is not even open, although with Windows, who knows.

    • Bogdan Marinov

      Bogdan Marinov - 2009-02-11

      Hi guys.

      AFAIK, Stellarium connects to the Stellarium Wiki to get star catalog updates. Stellarium.org and the wiki are hosted on the Sourceforge servers. DNS lookup of the domain "stellarium.org" gives the IP address described above:




      • Mike Storm

        Mike Storm - 2009-02-11

        Haha I wrote the code that does that. Guess I forgot the Stellarium wiki is hosted on SourceForge. This is going to be a good day...


    • Fabien Chéreau

      Fabien Chéreau - 2009-02-11

      Stellarium tries indeed to connect to Simbad to get more objects info when you look for a target in the search window.
      It should not try to connect unless you search for something.



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