Searching for comets, not found in data base

  • Bernd

    Bernd - 2014-05-20

    When searching for C/2012 K1 no results are found. Are there no updates for database or what is the reason?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2014-05-20

    You have to download it into the database from the options menu.

  • Bernd

    Bernd - 2014-05-20

    I am running the MAC-Version 0.12.
    I find the configuration window and there plugins for exoplanets or quasars, but no comets.
    Or are you talking about 'tools, star catolgue updates #5 of 9 ( see even more stars).
    Nothing about comets.
    Where else can I look?

  • barrykgerdes

    barrykgerdes - 2014-05-20

    Hi Bernd
    To update the comet database that is part of the ssystem.ini file you need to first load the Solar System editor plug in and then configure it

    You will then need to download the latest orbit file from the mpc
    You can then search for the comet you want and add it to the ssystem.ini (Automatic)

    This done you should be able to access the comet in the search window next time you run stellarium.


    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2014-07-13

      barrykgerde wrote:
      "You will then need to download the latest orbit file from the mpc"

      Can you post a URL to the appropriate page where one download the file? I've been to the MPC web site but have been unable to find a reference to any orbit file that I can download.

  • Kird

    Kird - 2014-07-13

    You don't need to download a file.

    Start de Solar System Editor plug-in and select items you want to include in ssystem.ini: asteroids or comets. Select one or more items from the list. Those items will be added to ssystem.ini, not the entire database from MPC.


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