What you think of Stellarium. Bug reports should generally go to the Github site, unless it's something minor or you don't want to register an account there:

Also, please read the FAQ on Launchpad:

If you think you must report a problem here, make sure this problem persists in the latest version, i.e., update to the latest version before reporting a possible bug. Please describe precisely how to reproduce the bug ("I pressed this or that button, I attempted to do ...") or give any hint or idea where it can come from.

Please don't "report and disappear" - follow-up questions may be necessary.

For some bugs, especially crashes, it may be necessary to copy the content of the console log. You can either attach the log.txt file to the bug report, or you can copy/paste the content of the log tab in the help window. If you don't have this (e.g. Stellarium did not start), please make sure you say what operating system type and version you are using, and mention what video card you have, and what driver version you are using.

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