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EPOP Source Code - Liberate your EMail!

Greetings fellow C++ geeks!


I wanted to release a few updates in-between consulting gigs: The first order of business for the namespace was to provide our eager onlookers with the official copy of EPOP. Designed to triage multiple accounts, EPOP allows you to save email to your local hard drive - one message per file. –A very handy archival tool. Thanks to Daniel K. for the request.

Other changes include very minor updates to the header files, as well as some merge-style updates to the File & EMail classes. ... read more

Posted by Randall Nagy 2009-02-11

Two new STDNOJ Projects

Seasons Greetings!

While some of us enjoy the holidays by taking time off, others enjoy the season by giving time on-line.

Time for this season includes the upload of RFC Robot and EPOP.

The RFC Robot and EPOP ( are two programs designed to allow us to manage Usenet (NNTP) and Electronic Mail (POP3) using News*NET.

News*NET remains one of our independently rated, 5-Star commercial software packages ( Because we actually sell and promote News*NET, the RFC Robot should prove to be an interesting addition to our common SourceForge camaraderie!... read more

Posted by Randall Nagy 2007-12-29

Best Practices - Are you a pack animal, or a "lone wolf"?

Far from being just another pretty namespace, the Neat-Odd Job Project (stdnoj) comes loaded with a software development philosophy.

As featured on the Borland Community web site, you can also read all about our "religion" at:

The Tao of the Wolf Pack - and

You also might be interested in a nifty little tool that we created to help with "Modernizing C++ Legacies" – It is at read more

Posted by Randall Nagy 2006-01-29

Getting Started - Platform Overview

The STDNOJ classes are grouped together into standard a C++ namespace. We have compiled the project under:

Borland: VCL, CLX, and native 16 and 32 bit - C++Builder 4.x, 5, and 6

Microsoft: MFC, ATL, .NET, and native 32 bit - Visual Studio 6 and .NET

Others: Intel, DJGPP (16 bit), gcc (both command line and via tools like DEV-CPP), and a few more.

Because we do not use STL, universal stability is practically guaranteed. Specifically, this means that you do not have to worry about using compilers that have trouble with STL. We do use templates however, so your compiler should at least be able to support moderately complex template declarations (specifically, things like the stdnoj::Array<T, SZ> class).... read more

Posted by Randall Nagy 2006-01-29