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stdnet2 - Linux and Windows

Release Dev_0_02_b (leading upto Dev_0_02) now works under Windows and Linux.
Further work is still to be done: thread support; garbage collection; Class class, ClassLoader, NB I/O (like J2SE 1.4), Sockets etc.

Posted by Warwick Molloy 2002-08-03

java-like C++ class library

Released first development release of version 2 of stdnet - stdnet2 Dev_0_01
This includes a nice, Java-like class hierarchy where all concrete classes are derived from Object.
At the moment, the basic classes available for use are Object, String, FileOutputStream and PrintStream (all analogous to their Java counterparts).

Posted by Warwick Molloy 2002-07-26

help wanted

I would like to hear from people looking to take an existing project and give it some new energy. Please look over stdnet; grab the source; ask me for info if helpful and let me know if you have the time and energy to help pick this project up and put it back on its feet.

Posted by Warwick Molloy 2001-07-02

help wanted - C++ developers

Need Win32 developers for porting...
Also need some other developers to try building more apps with stdnet under Linux.

Posted by Warwick Molloy 2000-05-01

First general release

Version 0.04 is the first release of stdnet.
It has example code and support for TCP and UDP socket I/O, named-pipes, threads, mutexes and timers. The documentation is pretty extensive but may need the odd typo fix.

Posted by Warwick Molloy 2000-04-27