#22 Bug numbers linked to bugzilla

Mario Rimann

This is about changing the filter with which StatSVN selects bug id's that are then linked (for example to bugzilla).

[Bug 1235] Commit message
works fine!

[#1234] commit message
is not recognized - and therefore also not linked to bugzilla.

Could you change the (regex?) so that the following stuff is also recognized as a bug id?

That would be great! Thanks!


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    I'm going to have to say I disagree with this one. Although I'm setting the status to "closed", anyone else is encouraged to reopen if contradicting opinions can add anything to the discussion :)

    So, I think the proposed regex rules are too broad. I don't love the idea of linking basically any number (or was it number between brackets? I'm not sure what was meant) to bug IDs.

    The intent of "Bug XXX" is to be compatible with what Bugzilla itself recognizes as bug links so as to provide the least possible amount of surprise to Bugzilla users (people are trained to write Bugzilla comments). Bugzilla itself recognizes "Bug XXX" as a bug link, but not "[XXX]", which would be slightly overly broad.

    This compatibility is especially useful when you copy a commit comment from Bugzilla to use as your SVN comment. In this use case, the current rules are adequate.