#18 Allow to use another top-level directory than 'tags'

Jens Maus


here I have a project where we separate normal tags from release tags. We have a top-level directory called 'releases' and are putting only release tags into that directory. However, statsvn doesn't allow to add a regular expression to the -tags option where we can select that releases directory for scanning for the branches. Therefore, it would be nice if statsvn could be enhanced to allow to specify more than just the 'tags' top-level directory for generating statistics on the various tags.



  • Benoit Xhenseval

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    Point noted. I think that modifying the -tags to take regular expression that include the directory would generate several issues, first of all, it would not work 'out of the box' for a 'standard' SVN installation (where tags are under tags root directory).

    Secondly, it would also require some decision as of what to display in the StatSVN pages, I assume that you would not want to see the directory name but just the release name.

    Two options:
    1/ add directories to the tags, e.g. ^/releases/my-tag-1|^/releases/my-tag-2 and I would truncate this to my-tag-1 and my-tag-2 in the StatSVN pages (this would still break all existing tags manipulation unless we inject /tags/ in all by default... however that is done by StatCVS!)
    2/ add a new parameter '-tags-dir directory-path-for-tags (default "/tags").

    Option 2 is my preferred option as it would be transparent and solve your issue. It would however be unable to deal with repositories where they have tags in different directories.

    Is option 2 ok?


  • Benoit Xhenseval

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  • Benoit Xhenseval

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    Option 2 is implemented and in SVN.

    A beta jar is available on http://www.statsvn.org/beta/statsvn.jar
    I'd be grateful if you could try it and let me know if it solves your problem


  • Jens Maus

    Jens Maus - 2007-04-10

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    Yes that option works and seems to to do the job. Fine. thanks. However, due to our directory structure I would like to have two (or more) so-called tags-directories? How about changing the "-tags-dir" option to accept a regular expression so that I can specify something like "-tags-dir '/(tags/releases)/' to match 'tags' or 'releases' and let the other regular expression in the 'tags' option specify which tags I want to take?


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