garland - 2007-10-15

I have used statSVN to create 5 monthly reports for the revisions in our repository with just the statistics for a particular month in each report.  I then tried to do a cumulative report with the statistics for the 5 months.  The number of revisions for a given file as shown in the "Files with the Most Revisions" table in the cumulative report  do not equal the sum of the revision for the same file in the 5 monthly reports.

For instance, in the cumulative report for the months of May thru Sept, I have a file export.cpp which was listed in "Files with the Most Revisions" with 17 revisions.  However, adding up the revisions for the same file in the May thru Sept monthly reports totaled 21 revisions.

Then I went and counted the actual number of revisions for this same file in the Commit Logs and that is even a different number of 15 separate commits.

Is there something that I may be doing wrong with the generation of the statSVN reports that causes the difference in the "# of Revisions" between the Cumulative Report and the Monthly Report?  Or does someone know how the "# of Revisions" is calculated when statSVN creates the "Files with the Most Revisions" table?