Renamed folders not visible

  • Aidin Abedi

    Aidin Abedi - 2008-02-24


    Great software! But I've stumbled upon an issue:

    I renamed a couple of directories (with the same parent) from "XXX" -> "". The icons of the old directory names are marked deleted but the new directories are not listed in statsvn. Is this because of the ".group" suffix?

    An even stranger issue is that both the parent and parent-parent directories of XXX are marked as deleted. Even thought they exist.

    The statsvn url is:

    The directories XXX are:
    DisplaySystem, EntitySystem, PLSM, ScriptSystem and Test

    • Aidin Abedi

      Aidin Abedi - 2008-02-24

      UPDATE: I tested statsvn and found that is has nothing todo with the .group suffix in directory names. Seems like renamed directories are not found by statsvn! I hope statsvn team will fix this.

      • Jason Kealey

        Jason Kealey - 2008-02-25

        StatSVN does not support SVN renames in its current state. It mimics this behaviour by doing a delete followed by an addition. However, the behaviour you describe here warrants further investigation.


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